Our Global Network of Investment Banks
Are Investing More on Innovation in 2024

Investments by our partners year over year

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  • Funding from start-ups to small-cap and mid-cap companies growth companies
  • Assistance pursuing a strategic acquisition
  • Finding strategic partners
  • Expanding the shareholder base
  • Increasing the equity component of the balance sheet
  • Improving trading performance for a public company / preparing a private company to go public
  • A thorough review of the client’s business, financial status and strategic prospects
  • Identification of the key investment highlights for potentially interested investors
  • Identification of the key issues – and potential responses – that might inhibit potentially interested investors
  • A review of the legal, tax, regulatory and other factors that might affect a transaction
  • Analysis of the likely investor universe – global as well as domestic, unconventional as well as conventional – and the best approach 
  • Preparation of the marketing materials, and assistance with refining a management presentation and data room
  • Approach to the investors – negotiation of confidentiality agreements, initiating and pursuing contact with key decision makers Managing a process tailored to achieve our client’s specific objectives – whether achieving a competitive dynamic, minimizing dilution, closing quickly
  • Assistance the client through due diligence, in the negotiating / structuring process and through the closing of the transaction
  • Beginning with a clear understanding of the client’s business model and strategic goals
  • A rigorous analysis of the strategic alternatives – including potential M&A transactions – and the value creation that may result
  • Assessment of the potential pitfalls – in the strategy and in the transaction execution process – and ways to manage them
  • A process that is tailor-made to the specific client situation and objectives
  • A thoughtful approach to all the parties who may be involved in negotiation of a  transaction, their interests and their motivations
  • Active engagement with potential counterparties through all phases of the transaction (marketing and persuasion, information exchange and due diligence, negotiation and closing)
  • An aggressive approach to identifying and pursuing potential synergies in pursuit of a “win/win” transaction, which can be the basis for true value creation
  • A truly global approach to every transaction – reflecting Venice Capital’s expertise in cross-border transactions, our relationships around the world and our comprehensive approach to every engagement
  • Managing a process tailored to achieve our client’s specific objectives – whether achieving a competitive dynamic, minimizing dilution and closing quickly
  • Managing a process tailored to achieve our client’s specific objectives – minimizing dilution, closing transactions in a timely manner
  • Dedicated investor relations representative per client and campaign
  • Maintenance of the investor database and lead generation follow-up, keeping the company informed with weekly reports on investor sentiment
  • Editorial campaigns with mass media distribution to Yahoo! Finance, Seeking Alpha, X.com, LinkedIn, and a comprehensive native ad campaign 
  • Quarterly research reports by our partners at Singular Research with distribution to highly engaged investor database of over 960k subscribers
  • Quarterly CEO webinars to an audience of 500+ institutional investors
  • In person conferences twice annually in San Francisco & New York to 2,500+ attendees
  • Assistance with capital raise initiatives to accredited retail audience of over 960k investors and to over 20+ top institutions and family offices we work closely with on transactions
  • Digital ad campaigns to landing pages for consistent new investor lead generation
  • Newswire service for company news and editorial content to 5,000+ financial media outlets
  • Monthly reports and strategy calls to analyze and adjust the strategy as the company meets its milestones 
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